About CSAMSE 2024

The Sixteenth International Conference of the Chinese Scholars Association for Management Science and Engineering (CSAMSE) will be held on July 13-July 15, 2024 in Xiamen Wutong Fliport hotel and organized by the School of Management at Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.
CSAMSE is a highly recognized and rapidly growing community of scholars, from both overseas and mainland China, in the field of Management Science and Engineering (MSE), who are united by a common interest to promote the communication between academia and industry and to improve management theory and practice in China. Over the past 16 years, our annual conference has developed into a great meeting place to understand the latest business developments in China and to keep abreast of the cutting-edge research ideas in Management Science and Engineering.


The theme of CSAMSE 2024 conference, Digital Intelligence and Sustainable Development (数智化与可持续发展), reflects our desire to promote inter-disciplinary research and the theory-practice dialogue, facing the managerial challenges in propelling the next stage development of Chinese economy and the global economy driven by disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and the associated digital transformation. Although the conference is still in preparation, we are fortunate to have Prof. Chung Piaw Teo from National University of Singapore and Prof. Jian Chen from Tsinghua University as keynote speakers at the conference. We cordially invite scholars in MSE and relative fields around the world to present their research at CSAMSE 2024. Papers that are in line with the conference theme are particularly welcome.

The CSAMSE Young Scholars Colloquium

The CSAMSE Young Scholars Colloquium (青年学者论坛) will take place again at the 2024 CSAMSE conference. We cordially invite young scholars (assistant/associate professors and advanced doctoral students) to the colloquium that will feature panel discussions with leading academics who have extensive research and senior editorial experiences. The purpose of this colloquium is to bring together young scholars in the field of Management Science and Engineering to discuss the challenges they face in research and in the process of publishing in top-tier journals. To ensure the quality and the effectiveness of the colloquium, attendees are limited to 60 in total. Pre-registration at the conference website is required for the colloquium and seats are assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

The CSAMSE Female Scholars Luncheon

The CSAMSE Female Scholars Luncheon (女性学者论坛) provides a great networking opportunity to discuss challenges in career development and to share experiences that are unique for female scholars in operations research, operations management, information systems and industrial engineering. The Luncheon welcomes female scholars at various stages of their career (assistant/associate/full professors, as well as doctoral students) to join the event. As usual, we will have several guests to join us and share their thoughts and experiences.


Apart from the long-standing CSAMSE Best Paper Award (最佳论文奖) (referring to the conference website for submission details), the established CSAMSE Practice Award (管理实践奖) will also be bestowed again this year. It is a prestigious award to recognize an outstanding piece of work that is rooted in the principles of Management Science and Engineering and has a significant impact on practice. The Award is for an individual or a group of people. An eligible application must provide evidence of practical impact, which is broadly defined to be any contribution to a business or an organization in terms of performance improvements or changes in how practitioners approach a real-world problem. More details about the award and the application process can be found in the attached flyer “CSAMSE Practice Award,” which is also available on the conference website. Please pay attention to the respective deadlines for submitting the Pre-application Form (compulsory) and the Application of full materials for CSAMSE Practice Award.

JMSE Special Issue

The Special Issue of Journal of Management Science and Engineering (JMSE专刊), themed Digital Intelligence and Sustainable Development, is jointly launched by JMSE and CSAMSE through the platform of 2024 CSAMSE conference and seeks to publish high-quality scholarly papers that focus on original works or comprehensive reviews with relevancy of the theme in the fields of management science and engineering. JMSE is ranked as Grade A in “Management Sciences” by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and as Tier B in FMS Journal Rating 2020. All published papers are available on ScienceDirect.